Valeria-Petkun-CVI moved around a lot! Over the years I have constantly been exposed to different types of people and ways of life. Maybe that is the reason why I strive to look at things from various points of view.

From an early age I have always had an appreciation for anything creative but also useful. The relationship between creativity process and technology is something that fascinates me. Also, understanding human needs and how design responds to them is an important aspect of the design process for me.

I combined those interests during my diploma and co-operated with the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation. There I developed the handbag concept ‘Eletta’, which is a fully functioning personalised handbag produced by additive manufacturing.

Traditionally trained as a product designer, I have expanded my skill set to include print, web and interface design projects. Through several internships and freelancing activities, I have gained deep and direct work experience.

After I completed a the GEB European scholarship programme at  Alternative View Studios in London I returned to Stuttgart. I am working as graphic designer at Blue Ocean Entertainment AG a children’s magazine publisher.