• thesis final product

    personalised 3D printed handbag - in cooperation with Fraunhofer IPA

    • A unique and fashionable accessory as an expression of individuality 
    • The remarkable handle element allows for a comfortable hold – an extra-special design feature
    • Shockproof, robust and washable
    • Integrated inner shell keeps contents securely in place

    SolidWorks | Cinema 4D | uPrint 3D Printer 

  • thesis research

    • The concept of Eletta refers to the idea that the customer is the co-designer of their handbag 
    • An online shop gives clients the chance to customise their bag
    • After the custom configuration, the bag will be produced by Fused Deposition Modelling and sent to the client
  • crypto²

    a communication concept

    Share your memories in a different way! This new communication concept is a completely innovative way of transferring information.

    In a similar way to a parcel or an email, the addressee of a crypto² decides which content or information (videos, photos, texts...) should be shared with the recipient. Using an application on their mobile device, the client generates a crypto² object. The information gathered appears on the surface of the objects as a code. The individual vessel is manufactured using additive manufacturing technology and sent to the recipient. The QR code on the vessel gives access to addressee’s collected information.

    Each piece of crypto² is personalised and unique but has a similar style. The objects could become a collectors’ items, like souvenirs from family & friends.

    SolidWorks | Cinema 4D | Contex 3D Printer

  • ella

    backpack | a collaboration with Artiach

    ella is a backpack for women interested in sports & fashion. It can be used only for sport or, without the hydration system, for everyday use. A slim-cut main compartment offers space for all those necessary things: keys, mobile phone or a snack.

    By pulling the cross-over shoulder straps you tighten the straps to fix the backpack securely. A double-zip design enables quick and easy closure.

    SolidWorks | Cinema 4D

  • rado

    all-in-one lunch box | a collaboration, with Peter Boeckel and a well-known German brand

    rado is a lunch-carrying system for kids with a solid exterior that protects their food and helps them carry their lunch and a drink to school. This eco-friendly plastic all-in-one lunch box can hold a good-sized lunch + a bottle. It also has a box for fruit - and even space for snacks for later!

    SolidWorks | Keyshot Illustrator

  • easy-peasy

    cat litter box a co-operative production, with Daniel Nikol and a well-known firm

    The main focus when developing a cat litter box was to find a way of separating the waste from the cat litter as easy and quickly as possible. 

    This cat litter pan has a simple, fast and efficient cleaning system. If necessary the one-way sieves contained in the litter box can be removed and disposed of. easy-peasy can be used temporarily (on holiday trips, etc.) or just as a second cat toilet.

    SolidWorks Cinema 4D Photoshop


  • polessy

    a new character 

    The inspiration for polessy was the cylindrical and elongated shape of a polypt. polessy is a friendly, cheerful being and a good listener.

    Foam model | Cinema 4D | Contex 3D Printer | Flocking process 

  • imagine

    three-in-one-bag - in co-operation with a sheltered workshop in Franconia 

    The imagine bag can be manufactured by people with physical and learning disabilities. 

    This reversible bag with zippers can change its size and fit to the customer’s needs. Depending on the desired application the belts, with snap hooks on both ends, can be exchanged fast and easily.  

    head and hands sewing machine